Nezihe Karakaya After graduating from Mustafa Kemal University Fine Arts Education Department in 2011, she continued her education in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory, Contemporary Dance programme.
In 2015, she was guest student at Rotterdam Codarts Dance Academy, one of the well-established dance academies in Netherlands.
In 2018, she completed her master degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Institute of Fine Arts ,Basic Art and Design programme. 
The artist, who worked on creating visual notation, wrote her thesis under the name of "Visuality and Music in the Context of Paul Klee's Polyphony Work".  The work focuses on visualising sound, designing an interdisciplinary language about the interaction of atonnal music and abstract painting. The subject influenced by her synesthetic perception noticed by Musicologist Prof. Rokus de Groot from the University of Amsterdam during her education and research at Codarts.

Her paintings, installation and video works have been exhibited in platforms such as Redbull Creative, Hahnemuehle GmBH, Vienna Essl Museum, IMOGA, BangArt Innovation Prix. Her last short film screened on 40.Kasseler Documentary Festival in 2023. Her short dance films have been selected for screening at the Stockholm Dance Museum in 2020, Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, 45th International Dance Congress in 2016 , Ankara Goethe Institute, Ankara CerModern Museum in 2015, CinemaDansAnkara dance film festival, DanskameraIstanbul film festival.

The artist continues PhD, her proficiency in art education at Mimar Sinan FAU. She is working on Transposing Choreography Piece into Visual Work by using Design Principles in the aim
of creating a visual metadology. Thesis period by 2024.
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  •  14.11.2023 00:00 - 19.11.2023 00:00
  •   Kassel, Almanya

DokFest online will be until 26 November. Nezihe Karakaya's Debris City short film will be screened and will make premiere on 40.Kasseler Dokfest. The film is about destroying earthquake on South Turkey which focuses artist's hometown Antakya.

  •  27.05.2013 17:00
  •   Tophanei- Amire İstanbul